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Water Chiller

  • Model No.:KF-L5W~KF-L50W
  • Min. Order Quantity:1 Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 3000 Pieces / Month
  • Port: Shanghai/Ningbo/Guangzhou/Qingdao
  • Payment Terms: L/C, T/T,West Union,Cash

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Products Description

industrial water chiller manufacturers

KAIFENG Water Chiller provides economical Refrigeration Solutions for plastic industry, electronic industry, electroplating industry, mechanical industry, construction industry, vacuum coating industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and other industries

Model selection parameter

Please provide following parameters, KAIFENG sales staff will choose the suitable Water Chiller Machine for you.

1.What is the max ambient temperature in your country?              

2.What's your request of minimum cooling temperature?              

3.What's your voltage? Including frequency and Hertz                    

4.What's your choice of refrigerant? R22/R407c/R134a or others?

5.What is the maximum cooling capacity(KW/kcal/h) you need?   

Water-Cooled Screw Chiller Features

Power supply:3PH-200V/220V/380V/415V-50HZ/60HZ
Cooling capacity: 15kw~140kw
Adopts stainless steel made insulated water tank and evaporator.                     
Refrigerant loop controlled by high and low pressure switches.                         
R22 refrigerant is used as standard and optional R407 for efficent cooling.       
Compressor and pump overload relays.                                                               
Adopt imported temperature controller maintains an accuracy of ±0.5℃.          
Compact design,easy to operate and maintain.                                                    
Expansion valve for accurate adjustment of refrigerant.                                       
Compressor type:Screw type,Scroll type                                                                
We are professional manufacturer can customize according to your need.         

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water cooled chiller manufacturers

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