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Water-cooled Screw Chiller

  • Model No.:KF-L50DW~KF-L240DW
  • Min. Order Quantity:1 Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 100 Pieces / Month
  • Port: Shanghai
  • Payment Terms: L/C, T/T

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KAIFENG water-cooled screw chillers are widely used in plastics, electronic manufacturing, electroplating, pharmaceutical chemicals, ultrasonic cooling, printing and other industrial production, for industrial production to provide high-precision constant temperature frozen water medium, in order to continuously improve the efficiency of industrial production to provide continuous cooling capacity, can accurately control the requirements of modern industry mechanized production temperature, So as to greatly improve the production efficiency and product quality.

KAIFENG water-cooled screw Chiller Model completes, a wide variety to satisfy the needs of different customers. In addition, the Kai Feng professional team of engineers in accordance with the diverse requirements of customers, tailored to your special specifications of the air-cooled chiller, to provide you with accurate system solutions.


The unit adopts a half airtight screw compressor with high customer satisfaction, wide coverage and good energy efficiency. Such as Taiwan Hanbell, Germany Bitzer and other world-renowned brands. Compressors can be between the 25%--100% to do a section of energy regulation, can also do without a section of energy regulation. Maximum meet production needs. Energy saving effect is remarkable.

Water-cooled screw Machine Condenser using the original imported copper pipe, through high-precision processing equipment produced. The copper tube surface is machined into trapezoidal rib tube, the heat transfer coefficient is greatly enhanced, the copper tube wall is smooth as the mirror, the water resistance is reduced, it is not easy to extend, easy to clean and maintain.

Water-cooled screw machine Evaporator using imported copper tube, processing into internal and external thread-like, heat transfer effect greatly increased, energy efficiency significantly improved.

Expansion valve is using the United States Emerson, Poland, Denmark Danvers and other original products, pressure controller for the Japanese Heron Palace, filter for the United States Yike, pressure gauges for Shanghai and other well-known brands. Can effectively guarantee the stability of the refrigeration system operation.

KAIFENG series of chillers set up safety devices are: compressor overload overheating protection, high and low protection, fusible, reverse, lack of phase protection, insufficient water flow protection, frequent start-up of the compressor protection. Can effectively guarantee the normal operation of the unit. Prolong the service life.

Refrigerant can be selected according to different countries and regions of environmental standards in r404a, R134a, r407c, etc. do not destroy the ozone layer of environmental refrigerant.

Exceptional power supplies can be customized according to the power requirements of different countries and regions.



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