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Help you to Literacy! Two minutes to read the classification and application of water chiller!


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Chiller is a refrigeration device for producing cold water, which is used in many industries and has seen its figure in the construction of modernization. At present, the refrigeration equipment industry inflow, chillers should also be the industry's development and replacement, so the market chillers a lot of categories. It's not easy for end users to differentiate between the two.

Next, this article is about to bring you to understand the relevant knowledge.

The concept of water chiller: Chiller is a kind of energy-saving machine which achieves refrigeration effect through steam compression or absorption cycle.

Chillers are called cooling water cycle machines, also known as refrigerators, coolers, freezers, chillers, ice water machines, small chillers, industrial chillers, refrigeration units, low-temperature chillers, because of the wide use of various industries, so according to the industry, the alias is countless.

Application of Water Cooler:

In industry, chillers are mainly used in plastic processing machinery molding mold cooling, reduce the surface of plastic products and internal stress, so that the product does not shrink, not deformation, easy to mold the plastic products, accelerate product stereotypes, greatly improve the production efficiency of plastic molding machine.

In addition, chillers are also used in machine cooling, electroplating, laser cooling, grinding machines, machining centers, and all kinds of precision machine tool spindle lubrication and hydraulic system transmission media cooling.

Classification of Chillers:

1. Air Cooled Water Chiller Contains a water tank and water pump, no cooling tower heat dissipation. Easy to install and move. However, the high environmental requirements, first of all, because it is a hot air circulation to refrigeration, so, if the installation workshop ventilation effect is not good, will directly affect the cooling water chiller effect.

In addition, if you want to put the chiller in a humidity-free workshop, it will produce a large amount of water vapor on top of the machine.

2. Water Cooled Chiller It is divided into box chiller, sealed type (some is called Open water chiller) and screw chiller. Water-cooled chillers, must be additional installation of cooling towers and pumps, in order to achieve a better cooling effect.

If the refrigeration capacity requirements are very large, it is recommended to use screw-type chiller, if the compressor requirements for chillers to reach more than 100HP, it is recommended to use screw chillers.

3. Other classifications Depending on the type of refrigerant used, compressed chillers can be divided into freon chillers and ammonia chillers, according to the type of power used by the chillers are divided into power-driven chillers and heat-driven chillers.

The power-driven chillers are mostly chillers with vapor compression refrigeration, also known as vapor compression chillers, and heat-driven chillers are mostly chillers with absorption refrigeration principle, also known as absorption chillers. In the process of running the chiller, more or less there will be some sundries produced, and attached to the evaporator, condenser, cooling tower water system or filter, frozen oil will also be contaminated, this will inevitably affect the cooling water chiller effect, therefore, we usually have to do a year of water chiller maintenance, To improve the efficiency of the chiller.

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