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10 major problems with mold temperature machine


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How to deal with some common faults during the use of the mold temperature machine? Based on years of manufacturing experience, KAIFENG Plastic Machinery has 10 major problems common to mold temperature machines.


1. How to connect the three power cords of the mold temperature machine?

The mold temperature machine uses a 380V three-phase power supply. In order to prevent pump reversal, a reverse protector is generally installed. If the three-phase power is connected incorrectly, it will automatically alarm. At this time, only two of them need to be exchanged.

2. How to connect the mold temperature machine pipe and import and export?

The inlet and outlet of the mold temperature machine are connected with hot equipment to form a complete circuit. Therefore, the outlet of the mold temperature machine is connected to the inlet of the heat equipment and then returned to the mold temperature machine line. Need to pay attention to the inlet and outlet of the mold temperature machine.

3. Oil mold temperature machine, how much is suitable for heat transfer oil?

A mold temperature machine using heat transfer oil as a heat transfer medium is marked with a liquid level gauge outside the expansion tank. After the heat transfer oil in the pipeline is filled, it is kept between the normal liquid levels.

4. The mold temperature machine is unstable

If the temperature of the mold temperature machine is unstable, the heating should be stopped. After the air in the pipeline is discharged, the temperature is slowly increased, especially in the first time when the mold temperature machine is used, or after the mold is replaced, the moisture in the heat transfer oil and the pipeline are inside. The air can cause unstable pressure and is a normal phenomenon.

5. The mold temperature machine lacks the media alarm

In the absence of media alerts, it is generally caused by insufficient media. If the media shortage alarm occurs when the media is sufficient, you need to check if the liquid level lever and pressure controller are normal.

6. Mold temperature machine over temperature alarm

In order to prevent the danger, the mold temperature machine will over-temperature alarm in case of abnormal heating, and will automatically power off. The reason for the over-temperature alarm is mostly due to the jam of the contactor or the failure of the control system, resulting in abnormal heating and the temperature exceeding the set maximum temperature.

7. Pump overload alarm

As the load on the pump is too large, the current increases and an overload alarm occurs. Check the mold temperature machine to the equipment line and check if the valve is blocked.

8. The mold temperature machine reverse alarm The temperature machine reverse alarm is due to the sequence change of the three-phase power, only need to exchange two of them can be solved.

9. The mold temperature is warming slowly

On the one hand, the temperature rise of the mold temperature machine may be improperly selected, and the power is too small. On the other hand, due to the failure of the heating pipe, the internal carbon deposit or scale is serious and needs to be cleaned and replaced.

10. When can the mold temperature machine stop?

The mold temperature machine is best stopped when the temperature drops to about 70 掳C. Excessive temperature shutdown will damage the pump and affect the service life of the mold temperature.

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