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Large plastic waste crusher for scrap plastic scrap


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Usually, we see a lot of waste plastic scraps on the way to work, these things will cause environmental pollution. In order to solve this phenomenon, we have made a mechanical research equipment-plastic waste crusher. The machine is used to crush waste plastics and plant plastic scraps. Plastic waste crusher is widely used in waste plastics recycling and plant scrap recovery and reuse. The motor power of the plastic waste crusher is between 3.5 and 150-kilowatt, and the cutter roll speed is generally between 150 and 500rpm. The structure has tangential feeding, the top feeding points, the knife roller has a solid knife roller and the Hollow Guide roller Difference.


Plastic waste crusher is mainly used to crush a variety of plastic and rubber such as plastic profiles, tubes, rods, silk, film, scrap rubber products. Granular material can be directly used for an extruder or injection molding, can also be recycled through the basic granulation. Plastic Waste crusher There is also peripheral equipment for an injection molding machine can crush the recovery of the injection molding machine produced by the defective products and nozzle materials machine.

The plastic waste grinder is driven by a motor to rotate the cutter plate at high speed, the trend of relative movement in the process of moving knife with the fixed knife is formed by the gap between the movable knife and the fixed knife, which causes the cut of the plastic crushing and cutting to crush the large plastic, and the plastic particle size is filtered and exported through the screen mesh.

Plastic waste crusher can be used for boxes, thin pipe fittings, blow molding parts, bottles, shells and other waste plastic recycling or as an auxiliary machine injection molding machine for injection molding machine nozzle material or defective parts of the reuse. Machine work should be at any time to pay attention to the operation of the plastic waste crusher, first of all, the feeding should be even, to prevent obstruction of the crushing room; second, do not overload the work for a long time. If there is vibration, noise, bearing and body temperature is too high, outward spray and other phenomena, should immediately stop check, troubleshooting, can continue to work.

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